Setting the Tone for Fall

Sep 15, 2020

Setting the Tone for Fall

Ready for some Autumn decorating?  This year, the theme is out with the old, in with the new.  The colors no longer need to be pumpkin orange to say “Fall”. Although, my dress in the opening picture sure does scream pumpkin orange. LOL!  (I’ll drop details of the dress at the bottom if you’re interested!) My Grandmother was enormously creative.  Every single holiday was an excuse for her to shine with her talents.

I know it is to her whom I owe my ever-growing passion for decorating.


The Fall is such a colorful time of the year. It is my favorite season for so many reasons. My favorite holidays, the weather, the clothes… I love it all. As my interior design skills have strengthened over the years, so has my eye for what can create the feeling you want for a space without having to actually “theme” a room. Take our current season, Fall, for instance.  The colors can be mauve, deeper greens, browns, (trending 2020/2021 color tones).  MOODY IS THE NEW CUTIE!  Bright pumpkin is no longer necessary, nor is it trendy, to be the primary color, although in small doses it is genuinely nice.  Choosing a mixture of colors in the same tones is a beautiful display.

The beauty of the new trend is that it allows for the Fall to be pulled throughout your entire house using change in materials.  These changes can include linen, cotton, knit, thicker blankets, and of course, pillows! You can switch out artwork from prints on Etsy that are inexpensive and a quick change. Etsy is a great source for different kinds art as well as stems and pumpkins. I found pumpkins that are velvet, glass, wicker, and an assortment of different colors and shapes.  I used a few pumpkins from previous years but tried to focus more on textures and a feeling than I did on stacking as many pumpkins as I could into a space. The types of stems you use in a vase can say everything about a season and I have leaned towards that a lot this year. The pictures below are some great finds for fall


Individual stems, as opposed to long strands of pre-made garland is a great way to layer the table.  To personalize the look you are going for, you can add cardinals, swans, bunnies, all sorts of things which I personally have used throughout the years. Another easy way to bring texture and color is through beads. Also great deals found on Etsy in the clickable images below.

For the table on display, I pulled different stems that had colors of interest in them that were appropriate for my dining table.  Layering each individual piece on top of another creates depth and interest to the table.

My feeding style for the family is buffet.  This allows me to keep much of the decorations together rather than much of the kids’ food all over the table!

Abby from @ridleylandhome had a super idea to set up a kids’ table which allow the kiddos to color on cut-out paper leaves.  Great way to keep the kids busy and feeling part of the occasion. They could even paint pumpkins like @hammonshaven suggested. What a fun way to include the family in your home decor and make them feel a part of the decorating and holiday spirit!

Following in the footsteps of my Grandmother gives me joyful holiday emotions.  Add a candle and music to the mix and you have created KODAK moments and memories for all.

My husband, Kyle, did mention that the centerpiece looked like it had brains in it.  I moved it to another space, put something smaller in its place, and the brains no longer prevented sight of each other.  I can respect him not wanting brain matter over our faces when eating a lovely dinner.  LOL.  LOL.

To sum up my thoughts on fall, and any seasonal change for that matter, is to go for a FEELING. A VIBE. It is ok to think outside of the box and remember choose what makes YOU happy. It is so easy to want to do what others are doing because you like their images, but at the end of the day it’s all about enjoying the experience of putting together your space and the time with the ones you have living in those rooms.

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Last, but not least! THIS DRESS! I had several ask me about it, so I am attaching a picture you can click and it will bring you to the site. Super cute for any fall events you may have coming up!

All good things,

Deanna Rogers


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