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Aug 31, 2020




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In our current house, the guest bedroom was done with TONS of color. I went through a phase a few years back where I wanted to explore lots of coloful layering. I am drawn to many pieces that have a lot of color (especially in clothing!). I have grown to feel more at peace in rooms with less objects and more muted tones. With 3 kids, toys, and noise a neutral base is much easier for me to work with. BEFORE you see the “BEFORES”, I have to defend myself just a little bit!

When the room was first done, even with all the color, it was cute! It wasn’t until it became the “catch all room” that it was out of control. Over years of experience, I learned what works better for space and tone.   A guest room should feel inviting and calm. SO, today I am sharing a QUICK, (1-2-day) room refresh!

Here are the images right before I began pulling everything out:



First on the list… DECLUTTER! I pulled everything out of the room that had the bright tones in it. Oh My! So. Much. Color! I did not want to spend too much money on this, knowing we will not be in this house much longer. However, I know this space needs to work for another year or so. Also, I believe it will sell better if we can make each room feel as open and easy for the new homeowners to feel like they could fit right in or easily change out to make new. This room was originally a bonus room that I needed to turn into a room for my mom to stay when she comes to help with the kids. Once I pulled all the color blankets, decor, etc., out of the room I still had some good pieces to work with. I was left with the bed (still would like a headboard for in front of that window) , striped chair , long ottoman ,  gold side table , Jenny Lind bookshelf , coffee table , armoire , and the curtains which I made out of painters drop cloth (yes you read that correctly!) and some fabric! Here are the best drop cloths to use as fabric for curtains and you do not have to add extra fabric unless you want  additional color or pattern, like what you see I did to this pair! Luckily, I did not need much more for the room since I still had the base of so many furniture pieces. Rearranging alone made a huge difference! In most cases even paint changing would make a big statement, but I chose to not do that in here and I’ll explain why shortly.


The next step that was on my list, REARRANGE! Any time I want to redo a room, I always feel this sense of personal growth. It makes it truly feel like a whole new space even if I am using a lot of the same items. The funny part to this is EVER SINGLE TIME I rearrange a room, I always say after it is done, “OMG this is WAYYY better! Why didn’t we do this before?” Then, when I change it all around the next year, basically back to the same spots, I say it again! It’s because our minds see new space and think of new opportunities when taking the time to move around and adjust.


Once I rearranged, the one thing that stood out that still had a little too much color in the room was the blue Jenny Lind bookshelf. I did not want to get rid of it because the spindles on the side are so nice and it is structurally a really nice piece, so I decided to paint it. I used this chalk paint in matte ultra white and sealed it with this polycrylic. They sell the bookshelf in several colors and I am glad I was able to save it by just painting it white! Here is the bookshelf in white.


After everything was rearranged, I made a list of the things I knew I would need after getting rid of all the color to make it the muted tones I was going for. When purchasing I wanted to keep in mind the look I was going for in our new home so I could use the items that will still be fairly new in the new house. This look does not fully translate the style I am going for since I did not want to invest in new ceiling treatments, hardwoods, new paint, etc.. I just needed to tone this room down, not spend too much money on it, and turn it around quickly.  I purchased the bedding here. I can honestly say I have NEVER felt a softer linen. The linen fabric is on the top of the bedding and another material on the bottom side. BOTH are extremely soft and cozy. I am going to be getting another set of this for our master! IN. LOVE! I added this throw at the end for another neutral and added fluff to the bedding. Who doesn’t love a nice throw to snuggle up with going into fall and winter? I knew I needed to add a little warmth and texture to the floor so I added this rug for $39!! (insert the bug eye emoji!) I honestly was just shopping rugs for what look I wanted, and it just so happen to be that cheap for the 4×6. Even the 8×10 was under $120! It shipped and was at my door in 2 days! What a WIN! That’s crazy for a beautiful rug like this. I love the color and again bringing soft texture into this space.  The floor lamps and cane side tables are good finds from Marshalls. I got 3 pieces that matched in color, but each was a little different with the number of drawers.

At the last minute, I walked into a cool shop downtown Greenville, Walter and Woods. I saw these heads and knew right away they were coming to this new space to join the family! Lol. The owner, Danielle, was so sweet and helped me decide where these beauties should go in the room. It was a plus she was super fun and had pear mimosas waiting on us when we entered the store! You can check out her shop online .

Just those few things, shopping around in my warehouse garage, and rearranging made for a whole new look! I decided against painting the room and getting new curtains. I know if we are going to paint, I need to wait closer to moving so it is fresh for new home owners and as much as I wanted to refresh these curtains, they still went well in the space and our new ceilings will be much higher. I did not want to get curtains that could not come with me to the build.

OK! You’ve waited long enough! ARE YOU READY FOR THE AFTERS???



I am thrilled with the turn out of this space. It is the room where my mom stays several times a week to help us out with the 3 kiddos and I wanted her to have a peaceful oasis.  Lord knows after a full day with 3 kids we all deserve a private island to retreat to! Am I right?!


I’d love to hear what you think of this quick refresh! Do you like the changes made to the space?! Can you feel like you can breathe again after seeing those befores? Lol.

Do you get antsy certain times a year to rearrange? I think mine is right after summer and then after Christmas! Ok, who am I kidding, I run around all year long swapping and flopping around furniture and décor!

Thanks for being a part of this journey and taking interest in my love for interiors!


Deanna Rogers


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